July 15, 2017

I Will Never Let it Go

It is what we need to be a happiest person in this planet and insyaAllah in the afterlife as well. 

I am tryin, tryin really really hard to be a better human and muslimah. 

It is not that easy to wear this hijab, if you wear a hijab, everyone thinks you must be a good muslimah. But it is not as simple as that. We are just a human being, who have many sins, did many mistakes accidentally or intentionally.

If we did things wrongly is just because of ourself, it is not because of our religion. I wears hijab but it does not make me a perfect muslimah in an instance.  If I did a mistakes then don't blame my religon, don't point your finger to my religion. It is all because of me, a human being.

I always heard "seriously?? she wear a hijab but she did those sins? What kind of bi*ch". You know what? It is so mean to said and so cruel to heard. So don't blame my hijab nor my religion, just blame me.

As a person I have choosen many wrongs way, indeed. But I tried and I am still trying to be a better person and muslimah. Experiences make us wiser, mistakes make us learn and time will make a peace by itself. 

Have a peace with ourself is really a hardest thing to do. Accept what we are, accept yourself as you are.

Nowadays we see many signs of the end of the world or armageddon. We live on the edges. So what are we waiting for people? We live in this temporary dunya only for once, I always believe there are no such thing like a reincarnation. We live forever in jannah or in hell. 

Anyway, I don't really understand if hell is temporary or not, if I'm not wrong, in my religion I understand that sinners will burn or get punishment  in hell untill our sins is clear and then we can go to the heaven or jannah, but we don't know how much times we will spend in the hell. 

Back to topic, it would be better if we live together in harmonius sorroundings, lean on each others. Difference should makes us more bonded. Unity in diversity, appreciate the difference and others opinion. Don't just consume it rarely but proceed it first. 

Don't let ourself to be provocated by a bullshit(s). Just ignore mean words and spread the nice words, good gestures and spread the love!

I am still tryin to do all those things. It is so hard. But I am tryin for the sake of our live, our planet and our kindness. A human being. 

Happiness, kindness, helping, available ears to hear others opinions and hands to help.. 

I will always try to be a kinder and a happier person and trying really hard to have a peace with me. I will never let a pure kindness away from me, won't let it go even in the darkest place ever. Kindness will makes us happier and it is a good way to start and continue a live!

*saat insomnia menyerang saat itu juga ide berebutan ingin diketik*