June 30, 2020

The Importance of Counseling With a Psychologist

The Struggle is Real

I understand the situation can be challenging at the moment for some people. We all have anxiety and there is no need to be embarrassed about that. We just need to let our self to accept the situation. Go seek for professional help if you need it. (I believe you all need it ☺️)


Pandemi Covid-19 di Jakarta

Lucu yaaa.. Lucu banget negeri dongeng yang penuh drama kumbara ini..

I used to like and voted for Mr. #1

But now I can't even say a thing about him without getting too emotional, angry, disappointed, embarrassed, anxiety and other bad feelings.

I used to ignore and feel sorry for my parents when they bad mouthing about him. But now I realized that I was wrong. We shouldn't get too amazed by him built many infrastructure, it is his job to make this country a great place and it is a crystal clear it shouldn't make him the only great person in this country. I am starting to wonder what is his main and top secret goal actually. Hmm..

In here I have no intention to harm him.

Ini negara kita tanggung jawab kita bersama. Jangan bergantung dan memuja ataupun menyalahkan satu manusia. Sering denger kan kalimat "jangan terlalu memuja dan bergantung pada manusia, pujalah penciptaNya". Jika seorang manusia menggantungkan nasib atau takdir kepada manusia lain, maka rasa putus asa akan lebih dekat dari urat nadi kita.

I'm curious if our country get laughed by other countries or not. I think (and probably what mostly everyone thinking) we need to learn from our neighbour such as Vietnam, Taiwan and even Timor Leste for God sake!!
It is true that some of 'em have the least of citizens, but what they have in common? DISCIPLINE and A GOOD GOVERNMENT/CITIZENS. I understand now why Timor Leste want to be INDEPENDENT!

Jika pemerintah bertindak tegas setegas-tegas nya, maka rakyat yang bodoh ini akan patuh.. Tugas pemimpin untuk bisa memutuskan sesuatu yg bijak dalam hitungan detik. Mana mungkin kita akan borong baju lebaran atau apapun jika departemen store diwajibkan tutup. Di sini saya malu banget sih karena sebagian besar dari mereka cari baju buat lebaran..mau dipakai kemana bro sis? Kalo lebaran masih ada yang open house wah gila sih, no kaleng-kaleng lah sebagian besar warga kita.

Gak mungkin warga berani keluar kalau pintu tol ditutup dan dijaga TNI-AD full with their gear. Airport dan port juga ditutup dan dijaga TNI-AL, tim gegana, tim damkar, tim satgas, tim SWAT, tim CSI (eh monmaap kebanyakan nonton criminal drama).

Padahal sudah ada kisahnya di Zaman Nabi bagaimana cara menghadapi wabah "Jangan kau masuki ataupun keluar dari daerah yang sedang tertimpa wabah". Kita memang bukan negara Islam, hanya negara dengan mayoritas muslim, tetapi pemimpin kami Islam (sejauh yg kebanyakan orang tau), banyak alim ulama, ada MUI.. Tetapi kenapa gak mengikuti ajaran Nabi Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him). Astagfirullah.

source: republika.co.id

Coba kita jadikan renungan, di Asia kita salah satu negara yang termasuk belakangan disambangi virus Covid-19. Tapi kita bukannya belajar cara antisipasi dari negara terdahulu, tapi malah sibuk bikin meme kalo warga +62 kebal Covid-19, sibuk bikin meme "kita gak takut Corona tapi lebih takut banjir", "Corona takut datang karena kita lagi banjir". I am the one who laughed at those dreadful jokes to be honest and I am ashamed of it. Justru Tuhan tunjukkan kasih sayangnya dengan datengin  ujian secara satu persatu.

Ohh come on.. Why destroy our people? our city? our neighbor? Is it possible if all of this theory are the super plan? Why  government didn't do any prevention at the very first place. I AM ANGRY, SCARE AND SAD to find the truth. Truth is always painful but honesty is all we need. I don't believe in white lies.

For now it is useless to regret some things, just find a way to make things better.. Find a solution. Probably lock down the country? Anyone with me? Full lock down for at least two weeks. CUT THE CHAIN.

Don't ever say it can destroy our economy situation. Ada gak ada Covid-19 ekonomi kita emang udh gak jelas. Lock down gak lock down sekarang perekonomian udah gak jelas.. PHK, cuti tidak berbayar, bisnis mulai gulung tikar, itu semua yang dihasilkan oleh PSBB yang membingungkan.. Mau sampai kapan?

Banyak omongan "jangan share yang negatif-negatif gaes, bisa ngerusak imun". Oh sorry justru gw ngerasa imun dan spirit gw bertambah dengan kaya gini. You do you. JANGAN NGATUR.

My apology again, but that is just so stupid in my personal opinion.. Kita dianugerahkan akal dan anggota tubuh untuk digunakan sebaik-baik nya.. Kalo gak digunain itu namanya mubazir.

At least I never use my fingers to Julid the celebrity and never did an useless fighting on whatsapp group or in comment column. This is not Julid nor comment, it called SPEAK UP! Find the differences please peeps.

I rarely see (or maybe I just don't know) the nowadays so called celebrity aka influencer sharing about this matter. Or maybe there are, but I just don't know it, because my knowledge of celebrity is very limited and I'm too lazy to do a research for this kind of thing. Is it possible if they save themselves first from being dislike? and oh you know what? I don't give a shit about that.. What is right is right..

I do realized that some celebrity and famous peeps do the their part  with made a huge donation, rise the charity, virtual donation concert and many more. But until when to be exact? Only God knows. No, I don't mean to blame them or anyone, if we need someone to be blame there is no one other than ourselves. If we the citizens don't stop the spread of the virus, I believe it can occur forever.

On another hand, probably just my another 50 cent, people who went around to the super crowded mall (department store) and  traditional public market don't know if there are tons of online stores around us. They have a promo as well, just like in the mall. They also sell vegetables, rice and many things. Peeps who went to an airport and to a junk food restaurant for a very stupid non sense reason maybe have zero access to information and technology. ((Yes I am just being sarcastic here)). I think they are just a new generation of an era, Covidiot.

I wish I can make an open letter to Mr. #1, but at this point I'm sure he doesn't even care anymore with his people's thought. He Just don't care with how his people will feel and react. Oh I just remember that I have the media to make an useless open letter.

What I'm trying to say in here.. If our leader can't take care of us, we are the one who have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and our beloved ones. If everyone can do that I believe the virus can slow the speed down from spreading.. STOP BEING A CARRIER!

My prayers goes to all medical team, all of them, the one who works in the first line and in the end of the line. The ones who work without prejudice. Works with heart, sincerity, affectionate and many other good things that idk.. They took an oath so they need to obey as well.. But actually they can run away from it if they are shameless and don't have something that we usually called HUMANITY.

Last one, I don't  want to leave behind my appreciation to the Journalist who still working with passion and sincerity. Keep the spirit up and always give us the true news.

GOOD LUCK!  May the peace be upon you!