January 31, 2018

5 Helpful Tips to do at Yunomori Onsen & Spa, Klongtoey-Bangkok

Many people said the best massage is coming from my country Indonesia, especially massage skill from Javanese massage. But personally, i don’t like to get a massage, because it hurts and tingling.  Yet I just had an amazing Thai massage at Yunomori Onsen & Spa, that is a fusion between native Thai technique and goodness of Japanese onsen bath without traveling to Hakone or paying a JPY. I really like the massage here, the pressure is just right, it also has a unique movement or simply because the therapist fits to my liking.

To those whose not aware of Onsen - let me share you my google search result; it is a bath house where the water, minerals and warmth are coming from the nature. The bath house usually have many types of pool depending on the temperature or minerals for different benefit. Japanese love to go to Onsen and it is already part of their culture. If you are still curious about Onsens, just click me

Now, Let's get back to my story. My sister  an I arrived at 08.55, the door was opened but no one at the reception, so we sat down at many chairs (and rocking chairs) available. At 09.00 sharp, a lady came to the back of cash register and greet us. We confirmed our name since we've booked two days in advance (you can book via email or phone call). Originally my sister planned to visit on the day of our arrival, Sunday evening, but they were fully booked till 24.00.  We selected two basis package - Onsen and Thai Massage and paid THB 850 per person, the bill is all on my sis --indeed I am a lucky sister :)))--. After that we got wristbands-key that has a number for our locker for both clothing and shoes. At the entrance of the Onsen, we saw a booth to collect our towel, kimono and obi. They provided various design, colours and length. Gonna be so important when you take a selfie later on!

Unlike the real Onsen, here they are providing disposable black tube top and underwear hidden inside the towel, so you are not completely naked.. hence no stare rule applied here! The locker/changing room is well decorated and pleasantly scented, I tried to make a selfie here but apparently it is no camera zone. Because who knows what you will captured here.. and besides, I ain't no pervert! :p.  

Before I jump to the Onsen tips, It is better if I describe the complete steps and each kind of bathtub in Yunomori:

1. Take a bath 
After we change the clothes we must to take a proper bath in the available communal space. They provide shampoo, liquid soap and conditioner. We don't need to bring anything into the onsen, we only allowed to bring a small towel that was provided. We take a bath while sit in the small chair so we do not splash water onto the person next to us.

2. Soda spa
Next step is the best step for me, because the temperature of the water feels just right, not too hot nor too cold. It claims that soda spa has water enriched with a high concentration of natural carbon dioxide. Which can help improve our blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure and increase blood oxygen levels. The water temperature is about 38 to 39 degree celsius and the time to soak is specified about 10- 15 minutes.

Remember to drink a lot of water in every treatment, they provide the water dispenser. It is to avoid us from dehydration and feeling dizzy or the worst is fainted. I think the recommended total time for onsen is 45-50 minutes.

3. Jet bath
I think this is the hottest water, around 39.5 to 41.5 degree. Like the name, the bathtub produce jet bubble of air for our whole body  so it can help to stimulate our blood circulation. The recommended time is about 5-10 minutes

4. Steam room
The steam temperature is very hot and steamy. I need to cover my face with small towel because it feels burned (maybe because I've a sensitive skin). I did not last long, only for 3-5 minutes.

5. Soda shower
Relax our body with take a soda shower, wash our hair and body with this normal temperature water and also the water contain natural carbon dioxide like the soda spa. They said the water can make our hair shiny and healthy.

6. Cold bath
The temperature is about 17-19 degree and it feels so icy freezy but it can tighten the pore skin and it made us feel refresh.

7. Garden bath
This spa is located in outdoor area like a small garden but still emphasize our privacy. First we soak our body in a small bathtub made from wood and change to the larger one. I forget the water temperature but it is similar like others.

8. Onsen
Last step is onsen, i can't recall the temperature but it is not too hot, maybe it is a step to make our body feel relaxed.  The water contains the large amounts of micro-bubbles containing hydrogen. For the very last step I do need to take a soak in the cold bath once more, to tightening my skin, especially pore in my face.

So here is the five helpful Onsen Tips in my opinion:

1. Do not stare at someone
No one likes being stared excessively while they wear clothes and moreover while they are half naked and even naked. Some people go free while onsen. It is their choice.

2. Always wash your feet
Wash your feet before enter the bathtub with wood bucket they are provided on the edge of bathtub. It is for the reason of cleanliness.

3. Drink

Always drink a lot of waters when change the bathtub. They provide tap cold water and it is free! Water can prevent us from dehydration and dizziness, it is also make us always feel refresh.

4. Stay alert with surrounding environment 
Pay attention to your surrounding before you jump to the bathtub (nope, really, don't jump, just walk in slowly). Because the bathtub in this branch is not too large and sometimes in the peak hour there are a lot of customers, do not enter the bathtub if there are too many people inside. Wait a little, they will know when to take turns.

5. Do not yell or shout 
We supposed to have a relax time in here so don't speak loudly and disturb another customer while in the bathtub. We don't want to get yell back from others because we are being noisy.

6. Read carefully
If it will be your first time to go to onsen, read carefully the steps of the onsen that they hang the board in the wall inside of onsen. Of course the staff will give you introduction if this is your first time, but in case you forget their explanation, you can take a look once or twice more. I do always read when I change the bathtub.

Thai Massage

The time was so perfect, we called to Thai Massage when we just finished wear our yukata. So we go out from the lockers room and wait a little in the lobby area. After that they gave us a piece of paper to filled out with our credentials. Then we go upstairs and they gave us a cotton clothes, so we change and wait until the therapist come back. We lay down on a mattress and they cover us with a blanket. The massage lasts for 60 minutes (optional).

I really like the massage, how the therapist give a pressure on my body, I choose the light one because I don't like to be massaged too hard and tight. It ended with a stretching, the therapist push and pull our body on a precise point. It is nice that I got a great therapist. 

Afterwards we are allowed to do Onsen as long as we want, so I decided to take Onsen one more time, since my city don't have Onsen & Spa like this.

I repeat the process but took a longer time in Soda Spa (the best part for me). 

I feel satisfied with this place because of the cleanliness, complete facility and toiletries. They provided hair dryer, body lotion, cotton bud, cotton pad, comb and mirror in the dressing area. Also this is  the only place I found in Bangkok that provided water in their public closet. The interior was so cute and tidy as well.



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